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Company history

For five years already, more than 1200 people worked at the institute, and the annual output of products amounted to more than five thousand projects for major repairs and reconstruction of residential buildings, health care, education and culture facilities. And since 1981. Institute «Belzhilproekt» was determined by the head republican organization for the design of overhaul and reconstruction of housing and civil facilities, and in 1983, all divisions and workshops located in different parts of the city moved to a new building designed by the institute on the street. Kalvariyskaya.

The Institute «Belzhilproekt» was created by the decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR No. 327 dated 16.10.1973 and began production activity from 01.01.1974. N.G. Divakov, who then headed the enterprise for about two decades and rallied around himself wonderful specialists — Mark Naumovich Livshits, Alexander Alexander Berezovsky, Pavel Davydovich Ronin, Gennady Ivanovich Tarasevich, Oleg Kuzmich Mzhelsky and many others.

The Institute is proud of its participation in the republican programs for the comprehensive reconstruction of the quarter buildings in Minsk, the historical building “Troitskoye Predmestye”, the reconstruction of residential areas and parks in the city. Nesvizh, Volkovysk, Vileika, Kostyukovich and many others. others, modernization of large-panel residential buildings of the first mass series, reconstruction of buildings within the boundaries of V. Horuzhei, Chervyakov, Orlovsky, Gai Karastoyanova streets, the Zolotaya Gorka quarter …

The current stage of development of the enterprise is characterized by the introduction of BIM technologies into production, a comprehensive survey of buildings and structures, advanced diagnostic methods for individual structural and engineering systems. The Institute is systematically improving the existing regulatory framework and developing new standards. The search for highly efficient materials and the development of advanced technologies for the production of repair and restoration and restoration work is underway.

The company maintains creative and business ties in friendly countries — Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, with the institutes «MoszhilNIIproekt», TsNIIEPzhilishcha, «Lenzhilproekt», «Ukrzhilproekt», AKH them. Pamfilova and others.

RUE Institute «Belzhilproekt» is a leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus for the design of reconstruction, restoration and overhaul of residential and public buildings and structures, an enterprise with worthy traditions, a stable present and a promising future.